What is Freon Gas For Airconditioners

Freon is a gas that acts as a cooling agent for air conditioners. HVAC air-conditioning systems will be able still use freon until January 1,2020 because of the phase out that began in 2000. Freon was created in 1930 by Dupont and General Motors under the name Kinetic Chemicals to replace the original Chloroflurocarbon that was developed by Frederic Swartz in 1890 CFC was considered to harm the environment in the late 1920s. GM and Dupont created a new gas for their freon. They called the new gas called dichlorodifluromethane. It was marketed under the names Freon-12, R-12, and CFC-12.\

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Freon was used in commercial, window,and large home use air conditioners. As the airconditioners recycled hot air into cold air, Freon underwent an evaporation process that acted like a coolant.

Freon gas

This Freon has in the last part of the 20th century been found to deplete the ozone. Therefore, after January 1, 2020 Freon will no longer be available.

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